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Brand Portfolio Work


The Blunt Agency brand specialists worked with Apiam Animal Health to launch the new ProDairy brand to the rural market with an extensive marketing campaign.

ProDairy's proactive approach to dairy systems focuses on preventative health allowing monitoring of disease status within a herd. Designed for dairy farmers and delivered by dairy vets, ProDairy is quickly becoming the industry benchmark in herd health.

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Campaign items include an agribusiness marketing brand strategy, brand design, naming, logo development, marketing collateral, radio & television ad production and social video content.


Since launching late 2019 ProDairy has achieved over 10%+ market share of all dairy cattle in Victoria in under 6 months. This considerable market share is expected to grow exponentially over the next 12 months as we market to leading dairy farmers and they become aware of the benefits of the ProDairy.

About ProDairy

Promoting cow health, welfare and production, designed for Dairy Farmers, delivered by Dairy Vets.

The ProDairy proactive strategy is used to monitor dairy systems, with a focus on preventative health, allowing ProDairy to track disease status in a herd. This ensures best chance for treatment with minimal impact on profitability by early identification of herd health concerns.  Pro

Dairy Proactive Health is an industry-leading service that delivers the very best in animal welfare, veterinary knowledge and production efficiency.

Due to the size of the Apiam Animal Health business and a national network of clinics, we can offer ProDairy Partners with low-cost goods with service programs that have been created with farmers in mind.

ProDairy are the category leaders, servicing Victoria's dairy industry. ProDairy have a range of products to help with all aspects of farm management, from animal health,

ProDairy have an extensive network of Dairy Vets throughout Australia, but also offer animal health protocols, direct online ordering, risk management & planning and Farm training programs.

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