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Strategically positioning brands for online success, Blunt Agency offer a full range of website design and development services to Gold Coast businesses.

We're here to ensure success across each step in the website design process.

Blunt Agency's team of website designers, developers and brand experts build category-leading online brands. We enable Gold Coast businesses to understand and connect with more of the people their brand serves.

Your website plays a critical role in your brand's storytelling, sales and lead capture, influencing how you are perceived in the minds of consumers and driving business growth.

Our team of website designers are branding specialists, with an in-depth understanding of how to build brands online that are commercially successful. Servicing the Gold Coast area, our clients trust us to design and develop websites that connect with their customers.

At Blunt Agency we help Gold Coast businesses navigate each step of a website design process to achieve business outcomes and growth.

Brand Strategy Checklist

Don't miss critical steps when branding online, download the checklist.

Recommended before commencing website design, campaign ideation or marketing activity.

Brand Framework

Our framework for building brands online is inclusive of our 3 branding pillars, Strategy, Implement and Nurture. It is designed encapsulate the entire environment in which a brand lives.

Our team of brand strategists and website designers review every aspect of your current brand, including its audience, traffic sources, brand equity and business objectives. We then map this against our 3 branding pillars to ensure all aspects of your brand ecosystem are considered before we start the website design and development journey.

Our brand-led approach to website design ensures that every aspect of the website experience is relevant to your customers. The most successful brands connect with people and act in a more human customer-centric way. Brands are becoming more like humans. After all, the people behind brands are just that; human.

Website Design Services

Driving consistency of brand message, story and visual language across very touch-point through website design.

When customers see consistency they associate it with predictability – and predictability represents trust. Without consistency, misalignment within a brand leads to distrust.

At Blunt Agency, we collaborate with Gold Coast businesses to build their brand online. We design websites from a strategic perspective, injecting creativity with the appropriate technology to achieve commercial objectives. We empower Gold Coast businesses of all sizes to own their market position with confidence.

Our team has helped build some of Australia’s largest brands, so you can be confident that you have the right team supporting your business.

Our website design and development services include:

- Website Strategy
- Digital Strategy
- Website Branding
- Website Design
- Development
- User Experience UX Design

- Ecommerce Websites
- CMS Websites
- Web API Integration
- Omnichannel Integration
- Platform Migrations
- User Interface UI Design

- Inbound Marketing
- Website Content
- Website Video
- Website Animation
- Marketing Automation

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Gold Coast Website Design Studio

Looking for a Gold Coast Website Designer but unable to find the right partner? Blunt Agency is a strategic website design and brand agency offering both design and development services to Gold Coast businesses.

Known for our bold creativity, technical proficiency and strategic insight, we create bespoke websites that marry user experience with brand storytelling. Our website design studio enables brands to differentiate themselves from their competition and connect with customers at a deeper level online.

Blunt Agency provides website design, online advertising, development, SEO and lead generation services to Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Schedule a video call with the Blunt Agency website design team to discuss your requirements and how we can assist your business to grow online.

Website Design and Development

Website Design Gold Coast - Blunt Agency, consists of a team of brand architects and a technical development team that works from start to finish to build your online brand. From website planning and workshops, brand planning, website architecture, user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX), technology integration and hosting, our team support Gold Coast businesses for online success.

For over a decade, Blunt Agency has been helping businesses grow their business online. Focused on delivering commercial outcomes for Gold Coast clients, with our teams having developed strategic website solutions that deliver both value and results. Contact our team.

Custom Website Design for Gold Coast Businesses

We don't use templates; we create 100% custom design websites that are optimised perform better and convert more effectively, tailored to your company's specific needs and designed to connect with your ideal customer.

Web design is more than a visual aesthetic. We develop custom websites for Gold Coast businesses that focus on customer engagement, generating leads and driving sales. After all, your website is one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools your business has to grow revenue!

Website Design Portfolio

Gold Coast Website Design Portfolio - Blunt Agency, explore website design and brand projects in our portfolio.

Our website design portfolio showcases our work in interface design, branding, eCommerce, and CMS website design.

We build comprehensive, authentic, and engaging brands for our clients. Our portfolio showcases our website design and development services offered to Gold Coast businesses, contact our team to discuss your project.

Website Platforms

What platforms do Blunt Agency - website design recommend when building websites for our Gold Coast clients?

As a starting point, you won't use any templates. By custom building every website we ensure optimal user experience and full control of the brand and visual experience. Our web development team use a range of trusted Content Management System (CMS) platforms such as ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Magento, Shopify and Webflow. Before planning your site's architecture, we will discuss platform options that will best meet your business objectives.

Website Content

As a full-service brand and website design agency Blunt Agency offer Gold Coast businesses end-to-end website content services, including content writing, brand visualisation, photography and video to communicate your brand story.

Optimising your website content is a vital step in the website design process. We believe that good content is based on having a clear understanding of your customer and what they need to make an informed decision, and links back to your company goals.

Website content is an art form in itself, which is why we work closely with our Gold Coast clients to deliver informative and engaging content that is not only useful for customers but also for search engines.

Website Platform Training

Once we launch the website for our Gold Coast clients we provide CMS training tailored to the platform used. Training is conducted via video with your team and recorded for future reference.

During the training, we will show your team how to manage website content and make changes to various sections of your website. For Gold Coast retainer clients, we also provide ongoing phone and email support as part of our support service.

Our approach to custom website design for Gold Coast businesses

As a quality-focused website design studio with over 10 years of expertise, we have perfected our approach for developing customer-centric, mobile-friendly custom websites.

Website Strategy

At the start of a new website design project, we meet with Gold Coast client to create a scope of work and in-depth understanding of your business and brand objectives.

  • What are your business objectives?
  • Who is your customer, what is their persona and archetype?
  • What is your brand archetype and what does your customer need you to be?
  • What is your brand position and what story are we communicating?
  • Who is your ideal customer, where are they located (i.e. are they local to Gold Coast or are you targeting a broader geographic areas?)
  • What are your market challenges, including any competition?
  • Do you have existing website analytics that offers further insight?
  • We then develop and confirm a timeline, content plan, and budget for your website project.

Website Design

The website design stage is an iterative process with our Gold Coast clients, where we start with providing website wireframes for client review, evolving and fine-tuning the design to meet both your brand and business objectives to ensure maximum impact.

  • The Blunt Agency website design team plan out the website architecture and user interface with consideration of website strategy objectives
  • We develop a range of concepts and present to our Gold Coast clients how key pages will look and function, including animations and interactive elements along with brand elements and messaging.

Website Build

Blunt Agency web designers and development team convert the designs into a functioning coded website.

  • Convert website design to HTML / CSS code
  • Build a fully custom CMS or eCommerce website
  • Integrated the websites into third-party platforms including your CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and analytics tools.
  • For eCommerce sites, we integrate cart functionality and payment systems.

Website Testing & Launch

Blunt Agency runs your website through extensive testing to check interface and code errors. During the website testing and launch stage, we also set up servers and check that the website is fast-loading.

After we have run comprehensive testing, we then provide access to the website for our for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before go-live.

Website Review

Blunt Agency custom websites are built to optimize for search engines and may be linked with third-party analytical tools to track the performance. We recommend periodic review of the website for Gold Coast clients to monitor results.

  • Monitor performance and introduce new content or modify existing content
  • Learn how your audience uses your website and make adjustments where necessary to improve conversion rates
  • Optimise on-page content for SEO

Brand Insights

Bold thinking to guide and shape your brand when engaging a website designer

With thousands of website designers, why choose Blunt?

Blunt Agency work with marketing managers and Gold Coast businesses as an extension of their team, a tool in their belt, working collaboratively from strategy through implementation.

With Blunt Agency you get more than just a website design service.

We offer a deep experience across the entire branding ecosystem. We align with marketing teams and have a rare ability to get brands closer to the people they serve. Because we drill deeper into your brand we set vision and purpose, shaping the future of your business.

We build remarkable brands.

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