Sydney Graphic Design

Blunt Agency offers a full range of graphic design services to Sydney businesses. We position brands strategically, implement them to market, and nurture ongoing customer relationships.

We're here to ensure success across each step in the graphic design process.

Blunt Agency's team of graphic designers and brand experts build category-leading brands. We enable Sydney businesses to understand and connect with more of the people their brand serves.

Graphic design plays a critical role in establishing a brand's visual language and brand storytelling, influencing how you are perceived in the minds of consumers.

Our team of graphic designers are branding specialists, with an in-depth understanding of how to build brands that are commercially successful. Servicing the Sydney area, our clients trust us to design creative solutions that connect with their customers at a deeper level.

At Blunt Agency we help Sydney businesses navigate each step of a graphic design process to achieve business outcomes and growth.

Brand Strategy Checklist

Don't miss critical steps when branding, download the checklist.

Recommended before commencing graphic design, campaign ideation or marketing activity.

Branding Framework

Our framework for building brands is inclusive of our 3 branding pillars, Strategy,  Implement and Nurture. It is designed encapsulate the entire environment in which a brand lives.

Our team of brand strategists and graphic designers review every aspect of the current brand, including its audience, existing brand equity and business objectives. We then map this against our 3 branding pillars to ensure all aspects of your brand ecosystem are considered before we start the branding journey.

At Blunt, we view brands as living organisms. They require attention, nurturing and the right environment in order to grow. The most successful brands connect with people and act in a more human customer-centric way. Brands are becoming more like humans. After all, the people behind brands are just that; human.

Graphic Design Services

Driving consistency of brand message, story and visual language across very touch-point through graphic design.

When customers see consistency they associate it with predictability – and predictability represents trust. Without consistency, misalignment within a brand leads to distrust.

At Blunt Agency, we collaborate with Sydney businesses to build brands. We design from a strategic perspective, injecting creativity with form and function to achieve commercial objectives. We empower Sydney businesses of all sizes to own their market position with confidence.

Our team has helped build some of Australia’s largest brands, so you can be confident that you have the right team supporting your business.

Our graphic design services include:

- Logo Design
- Brand Identity Design
- Brand Visualisation
- Brand Design
- Brand Naming
- Brand Guidelines
- Brand Packaging
- Brand Collateral

- Packaging Design
- Annual Report Design
- Brand Campaigns
- Creative Campaigns
- Point of Sale
- Illustration
- Animation Design

- User Experience UX Design
- User Interface UI Design
- Website Design
- Ecommerce Websites
- Social Content

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Sydney Graphic Design Studio

Looking for a Sydney Graphic Designer but unable to find the right creative partner? Blunt Agency is a strategic brand agency offering graphic design services to Sydney businesses. Known for our bold creativity, our graphic design studio and enables brands to differentiate themselves from their competition and connect with customers at a deeper level.

Blunt Agency provides graphic design, advertising, marketing, and branding services to Sydney and surrounding areas.

Schedule a video call with the Blunt Agency graphic design team to discuss your requirements and how we can assist your business to grow.

Graphic Design and Brand Architects

Graphic Design Sydney - Blunt Agency, consists of a team of brand architects that work from start to finish on your brand. From exploration and workshops to brand planning, brand identity design, graphic design, and roll out across all media including printed and digital executions.

For over a decade, Blunt Agency has been helping businesses grow by developing strategic graphic design and brand ecosystems. We are focused on delivering commercial outcomes for Sydney clients, with our teams having developed strategic brand solutions that deliver both value and results.

The Blunt Agency graphic design studio aims to help our clients succeed by generating creative results that offer a return on their investment for our graphic design services. Contact our team.

Graphic Design for Sydney Businesses

Graphic design agency, Blunt Agency, helps improve the positioning, brand messaging, brand story, and visual language for Sydney companies and products.

We recognise the importance of first impressions, and it is our responsibility as a graphic design studio to ensure that you are positioned in such a manner that you may begin forming a connection with your clients, both in Sydney and beyond.

As a leading graphic design studio, our role goes well beyond just graphic design. As brand consultants that offer holistic solutions that take into consideration all aspects of your brand, audience, and marketing.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Sydney Graphic Design Portfolio - Blunt Agency, explore graphic design projects, graphic design clients and graphic design works in our portfolio.

Our graphic design portfolio showcases our work in logo, packaging, website, and marketing collateral design, with versatile graphic design solutions across all media, including print and digital.

We build comprehensive, authentic, and engaging brands for our clients. Our portfolio showcases our graphic design services offered to Sydney businesses, contact our team to discuss your project.

Graphic Design Logo Sydney

Every brand requires a well-designed logo, be it a local Sydney business or a large multi-national company. Logo graphic design requires knowledge, skill, and experience to ensure it meets your target audience's expectations and aligns with your business vision and purpose. Whilst there are many elements to consider, before updating an existing logo or creating a new logo we recommend a comprehensive brand strategy is developed for Sydney businesses.

Blunt Agency - rebrand agency enables Sydney brands and businesses to identify if they need to evolve, refresh or rebrand.  It's a critical step to ensure you're on the right path for logo graphic design that is effective, engaging, and resonates with your target audience.  If there is enough equity in your current branding and logo design, both in the local Sydney market and beyond, then we may recommend a logo evolution instead of a full logo refresh.

Every logo graphic design project requires a different approach depending on the client, budget, timeline, and purpose. Our graphic designers create a high-quality graphic logo for Sydney businesses of all types and sizes.

Graphic Design Website Sydney

From experience, it's easy for businesses to under-invest or over-invest in a website. Having the right partners to guide you on this journey is critical, evaluating platforms and technology that is fit-for-purpose to achieve your online business objectives.

Your new website provides the opportunity to significantly impact how you are perceived by your customers, with the website graphic design playing a key role. A well-designed website will enable your brand to connect with more people, both in Sydney, locally, nationally, and globally.

When starting out, prepare a brand and online strategy before commencing your website graphic design. This will enable you to understand your audience and how to communicate with them, influencing every aspect of your website graphic design, from your messaging, content and imagery.

Our website graphic designers offer cms websites, lead generation websites and ecommerce websites for Sydney businesses. For a website scoping brief contact our team.

Brand Insights

Bold thinking to guide and shape your brand when engaging a Graphic Designer

With thousands of graphic designers, why choose Blunt?

Blunt Agency work with marketing managers and Sydney businesses as an extension of their team, a tool in their belt, working collaboratively from strategy through implementation.

With Blunt Agency you get more than just a graphic design service.

We offer a deep experience across the entire branding ecosystem. We align with marketing teams and have a rare ability to get brands closer to the people they serve. Because we drill deeper into your brand we set vision and purpose, shaping the future of your business.

We build remarkable brands.

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